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Bach Flower Revival Remedy Helped me!!

Posted on 7 January, 2018 at 10:30

Revival Remedy is one of Bach Collections which is a great for emergency situtations,also a  soother of pain,tension and anxiety before and after operations.Also good for helping to cope with bereavement, accidents and trauma, severe stress.

Its a combination of Cherry plum,Clematis,Impatiens,Rock Rose & Star of Bethlehem.

In emergency situtations take 4 drops on the tongue directly from the stock bottle, and repeat until you feel calm and able to cope better. It can also can beapplied to pulse point or sipped in a small amount of water. Therefore releasing the effects of shock,fear,trauma, enabling the body self healing to process to take effect quicker.

I have first hand knowledge of this! early december I had to have an Oral operation, which I might say I was absolutly dreading!!

So for fear & I was was quite fearful! I took Mimulus, which I took before I went into hospital, I also took Revival Remedy at the same time.

Mimulas(Mimulus Guttatus) Helps with fear and helps you with courage to deal with any situtation. Helps to a more positive mental appraoch to life.

There is know doubt this combination of bach flower remedies  got me through! even I was amazed how I coped with it-not a particulary pleasant procedure I had to endure- also I was not looking forward to the after op!!, so I continued to take revival remedy until healing was well under way.

Unfortunatly I still have to face another surgery soon-but I know what I need to do to get through.:)

Please note that in all emegencies First Aid & Medical attention must take priority!

More information on Wonderful Bach Remedies & Crystal Herbs selections of Flower & Crystal Essences.


Linda x

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