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The Best of Essential Oils for Nightmares & Night Terrors

A nightmare is a dream occurring during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, leading to sensation of strong horror, fear, distress or severe anxiety. This phenomenon has the tendency to happen in the latter part of the night & often times awakens the sleeper who is likely to recall the entire dream

For those suffering from this condition ,you tend to be nervous to sleep at night fearing another nightmare.

In addition nightmares might sometimes trigger upsetting thoughts & provoke unfavourable emotions such as anger, rage & disgust.

Research has indicated that the use of essential oils allows the nervous system to calm down & relax. Distilled from different plants, essential oils improve your emotional and physical well-being and reduce stress, which in turn helps you sleep and unwind easily.

Top 5 Essential Oils that have been proven to be useful in dealing with sleep disorders such as nightmares & night terrors.


The essential oil of lavender can be used ahead of drifting off to sleep. Research has shown that lavender eases insomnia and anxiety: it will help you sleep more soundly and you'll wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and energised.

(17th century apothecary, wrote that lavender is “especially good for all griefs & pain of the head & brain”)

doTERRA Lavender Touch.

Rub on both soles of your feet before getting into bed, rub a little on your wrists, and the nape of your neck.


Helping you to stay fresh, the essential oils of Bergamot includes a citrus aroma that boosts your sense of well-being.

Sandal Wood

Essential oil of Sandalwood is extracted from trees that are at least 4 decades old, and trees as old as eighty years are said to produce the best kind of Sandalwood oil. Being potent relaxant, Sandalwood eases the nervous system & helps you feel relaxed.

Vetiver is very grounding with an earthy aroma. This essential oil helps you to calm down emotionally. If the root cause of your frequent nightmares is physical,then vetiver is the essential oil you should use.

Roman Chamomile

Often used in the form of tea to soothe upset stomachs, the essential oil of chamomile has outstanding restorative proprieties that can help an individual suffering from conditions like nightmares & night terrors.