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Essential Oils recipes for cats

Top 10 Essential Oils for Cats

* Myrrh

* Lavender

* Frankincense

* Helichrysum

* Digestive Blend (Digestzen)

* Grounding Blend(Balance)

* Protective Blend(Onguard)

* Juniper Berry

* Repellent Blend(Terrashield)

* Arborvitae

AROMATIC-Diffuse a couple of drops in water diffuser.

Make a litter box powder: 1 Cup baking powder + 3-4 drops of essential oils-stir well & sit overnight. Sprinkle onto cat litter.

You can diffuse every day, just don't shut the door so that the cat can leave when they want.

Application for Cats.

* Topical -1 drop : 1 Tbls of essential oil then use 1 drop of that dilution.

* Best method of application is petting along the spine, or reflex points or tips of ears. Cat will ingest the oils when grooming.

* Internal; start with a tooth pick into wet food.